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Reproduction, distribution and/or use for commercial purposes of documents, data and information from the www.mesc.ba web pages is strictly prohibited by law unless explicit consent is acquired from Mobis Electronic Servisni centar, Ltd.. In addition, any type of use that may cause harm to Mobis Electronic Servisni centar or any other party is also prohibited. Documents, data and information provided by these web pages are for customer personal use only in accordance with author, owner and other parties copyrights.

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This web page contains documents, data and information as well as links to other Internet sites created by other parties, which will be, whenever permitted, marked as such. Mobis Electronic Servisni centar (MESC) has absolutely no control over the aforementioned documents, data, information and other Internet sites and so wavers all responsibility for, including but not exclusively, punctuality, entirety and availability of the contents provided on the Internet sites created by other parties.

Mobis Electronic Servisni centar (MESC) is obliged to respect the anonymity and privacy of the users of this web site. Mobis Electronic Servisni centar may gather personal user data, such as name, address, phone number or e-mail address, only with the willing consent of the user. Mobis Electronic Servisni centar will use the aforementioned data exclusively for the purpose of better insight in and understanding of individual user needs and requests as well as to develop the provision of all Mobis Electronic Servisni centar quality services. Mobis Electronic Servisni centar (MESC) is obliged to keep the aforementioned information private and unavailable to any other party unless the user explicitly consents to such availability of their information

Mobis Electronic Servisni centar (MESC) reserves the right to alter the contents of these web pages and is not responsible for any possible consequences stemming from such alterations.

Mobis Electronic Servisni centar, Ltd. reserves the right to alter prices of specific services and products, without prior announcement.

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