M obis E lectronic S ervisni C entar d.o.o. Repair & Logistic Services for Mobile technologies


MOBIS-electronic SERVICE CENTER d.o.o. (MESC) is a company specialized in services and service logistics services related to mobile technology. Since 1992. acst as a proactively leader in mobile technologies in the region within the parent company Mobis electronic Ltd.

Agencies and servicing major brands such as Dancall, Ericsson, Philips, Bosch quickly progress and significant investments in the development of Service Center.

In the second half of 90's Mobis electronic became general authorized dealer and service of Nokia mobile devices for the region.

Achieve excellent results through a fast and reliable service for more than 4 million users in the market, cooperating with all operators and large companies on the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, and Nokia provides Mobis electronic service center status of the regional Nokia Service supplier with a number of certificates given to the strict certification audit during years of business.

With Nokia acknowledgments, Mobis electronic Service central certified and ISO 9001:2000 for quality and 14001:2004 for environment in 2005. year. Since July 2008. The Mobis electronic Service Center is separated into a separate legal entity MESC, which allows better specialization for service and logistics at the highest component level.

In that moment MESC has 40 employees, half of them have specialized staff trained technicians for servicing and maintenance of mobile devices.

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MESC - Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o. - Repair and Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

MESC - Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o.Repair and Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

  • Adress: Heinzelova 96, 10000 Zagreb
  • Phone: +385-1-6188-513
  • Fax: +385-1-6188-512
  • Service e-mail: servis@mesc.hr
  • E-mail: mesc@mesc.ba

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