M obis E lectronic S ervisni C entar d.o.o. Repair & Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

Mission & Vision

Vision of MESC is to ensure a regional market top-notch service and logistics for mobile technology. MESC maintains the status of the leading regional service and logistic center by investing in resources, mainly personnel and constant monitoring of global technological trends.

Mission of MESC staff is to provide perfect offer fast and efficient service to all users of mobile technology and thus they provide constant care of their mobile devices.

Our customers know that we take care of their devices when they are correct, the way they always can count on our advice to use the devices, new software, back up and beauty, and also caring for their devices become invalid if the way to to quickly repair and adjust.

In the event that the user wants to buy a new device, MESC will provide for the reliability of the old device in a way that maximum protection of nature and the environment, with all current legislation and procedures of the manufacturer

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MESC - Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o. - Repair and Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

MESC - Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o.Repair and Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

  • Adress: Heinzelova 96, 10000 Zagreb
  • Phone: +385-1-6188-513
  • Fax: +385-1-6188-512
  • Service e-mail: servis@mesc.hr
  • E-mail: mesc@mesc.ba

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