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1. Why the guarantee does not cover mechanical damage to the display?

In accordance with the guarantee conditions under the point 2.b.b., the guarantee will not cover damage caused by rough action, i.e. by force (including, with no exception, damage caused by sharp objects, bending, squeezing or fall, etc.). Unfortunately, we cannot repair the described damage under the guarantee conditions.

2. Why do masks and spare parts need to be changed exclusively at a service centre?

Some spare parts for mobile devices (express masks, battery tops etc.) can be bought in a service centre and need not be changed by service technicians, but all other spare parts demand specific conditions and techniques for opening and installing.

The intention is, in this way, to avoid any unpredictable difficulties caused by unprofessional and unauthorized installing, and we want to stress that we give a six month guarantee for each installed part, while every unauthorized and unprofessional attempt of service results in termination of the guarantee.

3. Should the light be turned on each mobile phone keyboard while in use?

Not necessarily. Certain mobile phone models have light sensors and if the lightning is appropriate, the keyboard light will not turn on, for the purpose of energy saving and prolonging the battery duration.

4. How to increase or decrease the volume of headphones? (in general)

This is done during conversation with the navigation key (left or right) or with the side key (+/-) if the device has one.

5. Is it possible to decode or unlock a mobile device at a service center?

We emphasize that the service is not able to unlock the device, if the one is bought in an operator package. We have to stress that mobile phones bought at one of Mobis-electronic centers have the possibility to work in all networks and need not be unlocked.

6. How to activate navigation on your device?

All necessary activation instructions can be found on the PDF.

7. What to do if the memory card requests an unblocking code after service maintenance?

If the memory card requests an unblocking code so the user could access the data, it is to be concluded that recently some kind of private protection of the card was activated. The service cannot detect which unlocking key was used, and the solution we can offer is formatting of the memory card which, however, deletes all the card contents.

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MESC - Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o. - Repair and Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

MESC - Mobis Electronic Servisni Centar d.o.o.Repair and Logistic Services for Mobile technologies

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